Department of Foreign Affairs Multi – Purpose Cooperative, Inc.

22nd Assembly Leader’s Message





            My warmest greetings to the Department of Foreign Affairs Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DFAMCPC) as you hold your 22nd Annual General Assembly.

             Your support in sustaining the welfare of the officials and staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs exemplifies the value of cooperatives and their role in national-building. Your members count on your dedication to service and excellence, values which accelerate our collective mission of equitable progress. Our government carries on in this era of revitalization, promoting greater participation in global affairs and improving our status as a world-class tourist destination; let this occasion fortify your resolve to move whit us on the straight and righteous path so that we can fulfill our goal of sustained and comprehensive development.

            May your solidarity with our endeavors enable us to strengthen the foundation of integrity that we have established among our institutions. I wish you greater success and a productive assembly.

Republic of the Philippines





            Warm greetings and congratulations to the officers and the members of the Department of Foreign Affairs Multi-Purpose Cooperative on the occasion of your 22nd Annual General Assembly on April 19, 2013.

            The cooperative movement is, at its core, the instrument for citizenry empowerment. The growth of individual cooperative signifies effective and potent representation of their members in Philippine economic, social and political landscape. Thus, it is through the cooperative movement that even the most marginalized sectors have gained a platform to promote transformative change in their situations as well as in society at large. The success of your cooperative is a testament to the success of the cooperative movement in the Philippines.

             As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Cooperatives, it has been my deep honor to work hand and hand with cooperatives nationwide to promote cooperativism through policies that ensure its development, stability, and proliferation. Indeed, our collaboration has shown that governance and cooperativism are necessary partners to effectively advocate for nation building. In this light, let us continue to labor together to safeguard the interests of your members and to push for legislation that will uphold the spirit of cooperativism. Mabuhay!


Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas


  Secretary of foreign Affairs  ALBERT F. DEL ROSARIO


            My warmest greetings to the Department of Foreign Affairs Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DFAMPC) on the occasion of your 22nd Annual General Assembly.

             Since 1991, you have been promoting savings, providing financial services, and engaging in programs that improve the social and economic and being of your members. You have also always been a reliable partner of the Department in the facilitating activities that benefit the employees.

             May your General Assembly provide an opportunity to improve camaraderie among members and renew their commitment to actively participate in the cooperative’s endeavors. May it also be a venue to celebrate achievements and seek more ways to respond to members’ needs.

             Congratulations to your officers and members for your tireless efforts in advancing the cooperative’s aims. With your enthusiasm and dedication, I am confident that DFAMPC will have a fruitful year ahead.


Republic of the Philippines


Cooperative Development Authority

 Chairman    EMMANUEL M. SANTIAGEL, Ph. D.

My warmest felicitations to Department of Foreign Affairs Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DFAMPC), the Officers, Staff, all members and stakeholders on your 22nd Annual General Assembly on April 12, 2013.

From micro scale coop more than two decades ago, DFAMPC has made a notable leap in its status. Currently with 3,012 coop members and P77.3 Million in assets, it is considered one of the most robust and soundly operating Medium-Scale cooperatives in the country today. Its theme for 2013”Soadaring High in Providing a Better service” conveys a great aspiration to bring the coop to greater heights.

With the recognition given by the United Nation to the importance of the cooperatives worldwide, great many things are expected to come out from this sector. As such, I urge the dynamic leaders of DFAMPC to continue the innovate your products and services to international quality standards, steadfastly adhere to the noble mission, vision and core values of the coop, exemplify the highest form of integrity, commitment and good governance. Strengthen your coop more by streaming your membership, and encourage your own family to join and embrace cooperativism as a way of life. Thus, more Filipinos will be empowered and will benefit from the cathartic influence of the cooperatives.

The CDA was able to forge Memorandum of Agreement with different National Government Agencies as well as the Local Governments Units which aim to strengthen the grass roots of our cooperatives. We formed strong ties with the unions, federations and other institutions with cooperative development pursuits in implementing and achieving the flagship the program of this agency.

I am happy to announce that the CDA has achieved the ISO 2008:9001 certification which calibrates the kinds of services this agency renders to the cooperative sector, pursuing a grand dream of guiding all coops and the country to attain the same Quality Management System certification in not so distant future.

These endeavours were painstakingly undertaken by our agency with just one target in mind . . . to be the best agency in service of the cooperatives nationwide. We therefore request cooperative leaders to regularly visit our website: for valuable information on Memorandum Circular issuances and policy directions being implemented by our agency so that we can gear our synchronized actions towards the same direction. . . to the path of progression and excellence.

            I congratulate the entire workforce, the pillar behind the success, Development and stability of DFAMPC. May it continually grow and prosper together with all the members, their families, and the community.

            Mabuhay ang Department of Foreign Affairs Multi-Purpose Cooperative! Mabuhay ang Kilusang Kooperatiba sa Pilipinas!

Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas


      Undersecretary   RAFAEL E. SEGUIS

     I offer my warmest greetings and heartfelt congratulations to the officers, members and staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DFAMPC) as its holds its 22nd Annual General Assembly.

             This year’s General Assembly is another occasion to celebrate DFAMPC’s laudable achievements and commitment to good governance, transparency, and efficiency in management.

             Let me commend the important contribution the DFAMPC has made in assisting its members who are employees of the Department through its many projects and programs. For more than two decades, it has repeatedly proven itself to be an important organization that fosters cooperative spirit and communal belongingness among its members.

             I wish DFAMC continued success in the fulfillments of its noble is my hope that you will remain united and all continue to work hand in hand with the Department for advancement of its members’ welfare.


Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas


Office of Personnel and Administrative Services



            Congratulation to the DFA Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DFAMPC) for another successful year!.

            Now on its 22nd year, the DFAMPC has once again proven its capacity for success. In 2012, we saw the continuation of projects which included the provision of loans to its members, the distribution of identification cards, taebo and gym sessions, the hosting of an annual Christmas Bazaar and the DFAMPC’s co-sponsorship of the Department’s important event such as the DFA day.

            It has sponsored seminars on different topics such as cooking, financial management and fashion accessories making. The DFAMPC has also supported the DFA Ladies Foundation and other organizations of the Department which promoted personnel welfare and sports development.

            One behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs, I wish to thank and recognize the work of its officers headed by Chairperson Maricel Samonte, General Manager Nancy Marquez and the staff. Their sense of public service, generosity and commitment to the well-being of coop members and to the fulfillment of DFAMPC’s mission and mandate have truly contributed to the growth of the Cooperative.

            I wish DFAMPC and its members another fruitful year! May the cooperative continue to be strong and progressive as it implements more interesting projects and successfully maintain present programs.

Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas


      Chairperson  MARICEL SAMONTE

DFAMPC is making it big in 2013! DFAMPC is indeed aiming high in its 22 years of existence. The future of DFAMPC promises even bigger projects and better services to its members.

            The year 2012 has brought another reality to our Cooperative that there are more opportunities for development. This realization yielded several projects, policies and even bigger goals.

            The share capital has been increased to a maximum of PhP15,000.00, the services to the different Regional Consular Offices and satellite Offices were reinforced and closely monitored which brought increase in dividends of the members.

            DFAMPC’s Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws have been amended pursuant to the Philippine Cooperative Code. It is also in close coordination with the cooperative Development Authority.

            Several education and social programs were implemented to uphold to its commitment and social responsibility to further develop the skills of its members.

In 2012, DFAMPC has generated a net income of PhP36, 585, 450.50, a 49.59% increase compared to the 2011 income. This summarizes the achievements of DFAMPC and its thrust towards growth.

            In 2013, we aim to achieve even larger objectives through the cooperation of the members. We are aiming to become a “century’’ cooperative in one or two years — a cooperative with an asset of PhP100 million.

            DFAMPC, indeed, will continue to uphold to its goal of providing optimum benefits to its members which remains to be its primary objective.

            In this light, the Board would like to thank all of you for the continued support and, again, congratulation to all of us!